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Minority Speak – Call for Submissions!

Posted by on Jul 24 2008 | Tagged as: Annoucements, General

Woman ThinkingMinority Speak Magazine would like to extend you the opportunity to send in your ideas for articles, success stories, resources, and other content that you would like to see in the magazine here online.  Minority Speak is growing and needs you to help it continue to grow and provide the kinds of information that you want to read about when it comes to inspiring, uplifting, educating, and informing minorities all over.  It is important that you realize that if you don’t speak out about the great things you are doing, the positive things the organizations you’ve created or participate in are doing, and so forth…who will? If you don’t inform others about the steps you took which helped you be successful in any form or fashion, how will they know?

Everyday I cross paths with outstanding minorities who are regular people doing great things worthy of great headlines, but that story is never told.  However if something negative happened to any one of these people, the word would travel endlessly fast.  You have a choice to be part of something better.  Minority Speak believes in you and your greatness.  You don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to be without issue.  We all live in the same world filled with adversity that invokes highs and lows.  Don’t minimize your own greatness.  Shine your light and allow those without to see the way.

Examples of Things You Can Contribute:

  • A story about a positive organization or event helping minorities
  • Positive statistics about minorities
  • News about a hard earned promotion on a job you recently received or any awards/recognition for your efforts
  • Information to promote resources available to minorities seeking to better themselves such as scholarships, programs, etc.
  • Anything positive, useful, or to be proud of big or small regarding minorities

Thank you for visiting the site and be sure to use the link in the lower right of the page to register if you haven’t already to show your support. It’s free and the support keeps us motivated towards an important cause. For interview templates, guidelines, any questions, and more information on how you can contribute, contact us using the info below:

Contact: Samuel Pittman


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GREENSBORO, N.C. – The College of Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has named the recipients of its Clare Boothe Luce Doctoral Fellowships. The fellows, Ebonni Adams and Khaliah Hughes, have each received four year fellowships to pursue Ph.D. degrees in engineering at N.C.A&T.

Adams, originally from Southfield, Mich., obtained her B.S. degree in industrial engineering from A&T and her M.S. degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Michigan. She will be coming from industry at Kennedy Space Center to pursue a doctorate in mechanical engineering. Hughes graduated this spring from A&T with a B.S. degree in industrial engineering. The Burlington, N.C. native will proceed directly from the B.S. to the Ph.D. in industrial engineering.

Eligibility requirements for the Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellowship include:

  • female U.S. citizen
  • newly admitted Ph.D. student in a doctoral engineering program at A&T
  • entrance into the doctoral program in fall 2007
  • plans to pursue an academic career in a university setting after completion of the doctoral program.

The Clare Boothe Luce Program is the single largest private source of funding for women in the sciences (including mathematics) and engineering in the nation. Luce was the wife of Henry R. Luce, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Time, Inc. Also, she was a very accomplished person in her own right. She was a successful playwright, journalist and Ambassador to Italy for the United States of America, the first woman in the nation to hold such a position. Although Luce’s accomplishments were in other professional fields, she believed that all women faced obstacles in their professional careers and she especially wanted to increase the representation of women in the science and engineering.

An excerpt from the News & Record Newspaper:


Nettie C. Rowland
(336) 256-0863
August 3, 2007

Minority Speak – Welcome

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Samuel PittmanWelcome to Minority Speak, an online publication from The Pittman Inc. Many of you visiting this site for the first time probably learned of it through word of mouth through an email, a friend or family member, a community website, or even myself personally. Regardless of how you found Minority Speak your support and time spent here are greatly appreciated. It is our intent that you will visit often for great information, inspiration, and even as a contributor towards making this a great online publication for yourself and others. Continue Reading »