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Restructuring Role Models

Posted by on Apr 01 2007 | Tagged as: Editorial, Feature Articles

Today our youth are blinded by materialism and fast results. They want it now and they want it big. Perhaps the media has fooled our young into believing that success is measured by your ‘bling’ and your things, and that the only great role models are those who received record deals or sports scholarships. Neither should be the case.

Basketball CourtNot every person will become the next multi million dollar recording sensation or the next basketball phenomenon, so we must keep in mind that success is not defined so narrow. Our definition of success needs to evolve and expand to facilitate the rest of us; the majority. Many will go to college, contribute to the workforce, or the professional world, but we never hear their stories, nor shed illumination on their success. Their process and products deserve the same recognition and applause, so perhaps we as a society need help re-shifting our focus to ALL possibilities. Continue Reading »

The Power of Choice (And Why You Must Choose)

Posted by on Feb 10 2007 | Tagged as: Editorial, Feature Articles

It’s pretty easy to identify those who have made a majority of poor decisions and good decisions but many people fall right in the middle of the spectrum. We’ve all made decisions that we could be proud of and others we’d soon enough forget the moment we get done dealing with the consequences….Woman Thinking

Although we all inherit this wonderful blessing, many people are inept to handle it and the responsibility that comes with it. They misunderstand its utmost authority over our lives by touting things they HAVE to do rather than respecting they are only required to choose. In that choice lies the power to everything or nothing at all. Those who believe in God say “he has a plan” for each and everyone of us. I believe one must think about this carefully as it relates to your ability to choose. I would say that God has an infinite number of plans for each of us. When plan we end up implementing is again, based on the decisions we make each moment – including the decision to spend time reading these thoughts…. Continue Reading »

Traveling for Beginners

Posted by on Feb 10 2007 | Tagged as: Editorial, Feature Articles, Travel

So you haven’t traveled to all the fantastic places around the world such as Bora Bora or the Bavarian Alps, or even beyond your state for that matter…. Here’s some simple tips to help even the most budget-minded folks get far and not spend a ton of dough broadening your horizons.

  1. Get In A Car and Go! Notice that we didn’t necessarily mean your car. Weekend car rental prices can really beDestination Street  Sign affordable if you make a reservation via the Internet or take advantage of discounts you perhaps qualify for such as AAA (Triple A). If you have a decent car, drive it and don’t be afraid to put some miles on it! Investing in a reliable car and avoiding putting miles on it by keeping in your garage is somewhat counterproductive ;).Traveling by car can be somewhat time consuming and even discouraging considering today’s gas prices, but I personally believe its still one of the easiest ways to get out of town with little planning (for you spontaneous bunch) and minimal money in your pocket. If you travel with friends and share the expenses, memorable trips become even more affordable. Start by identifying a range of time you are willing to drive such as 4-5 hours to arrive at your destination. Then use a map to figure out what places of interest may be within that distance. Continue Reading »

Addition and Subtraction – My 2 Cents on Getting Ahead Financially…

Posted by on Feb 10 2006 | Tagged as: Editorial, Feature Articles, Finances

When it comes to getting ahead in life there doesn’t seem to be a lack of complicated advice on how to get the job done. Yet despite the abundance of books from well-known and not so well-known authors, TV shows, instructional videos, and a plethora of other resources, people are still struggling to get ahead – particularly financially.

Money Now let’s get one thing straight – I’m no financial guru by anyone’s measure and have little desire to become one. However by sticking to what I often refer to as “addition and subtraction” I’ve managed to avoid the common mounds of debt and terrible credit scores generally plaguing a “gazillion” people. I do realize a gazillion seems like a lot, but you get that impression judging by the number of debt-consolidation and credit improvement agencies fighting for our attention. Before you know it, we’ll be able to pump our gas and consolidate our debts at the same time!
Continue Reading »