Engineers are unique individuals who specialize in the business of solving tough problems that require concrete knowledge, creativity, focus, vision, and determination just for starters. Many people who know an engineer, and are not engineers themselves, tend to have little idea or understanding of what that person does when they go to work.

en·gi·neer (?n\’j?-nîr\’) pronunciation

1. One who is trained or professionally engaged in a branch of engineering.

tr.v., -neered, -neer·ing, -neers.

1. To plan, construct, or manage as an engineer.
2. To alter or produce by methods of genetic engineering: “Researchers . . . compared insulin manufactured by bacteria genetically engineered with recombinant DNA techniques to the commercial insulin obtained from swine or cattle” (Fusion).
3. To plan, manage, and put through by skillful acts or contrivance; maneuver.

Less formally, engineers are problem solvers.  Every facet of life is full of problems which represent challenges that create opportunities for engineers.  To address these technical problems, engineers utilize scientific and mathematical theory and principles.  You can find engineers working in a variety of roles which
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