Elite Schools Providing Education & Lectures For Free

Posted by on Dec 30 2007 | Tagged as: General

Online education has certainly become huge with the prominence of the Internet and its access becoming increasing commonplace.  What is certainly noteworthy however, is that those who always wanted access to education provided by some of the world’s elite institutions such as Yale, Stanford, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) can now get it through the Internet for FREE.

These institutions and many others are providing lectures and courses online for free for virtually all or a subset of their courses.  Lecture notes, exams, and more are also available.  There is even a new section on iTunes called “iTunes U” providing the coursework of these institutions and making it easy to download.  There isn’t any credentials offered with reviewing the material but at least it can be utilized to learn, compliment, and enforce any other avenues of education being pursued.

Check out the Wired News link to learn more, the iTunes online store, the OpenCourseware Consortium.

Happy Learning 😉

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