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Samuel PittmanWelcome to Minority Speak, an online publication from The Pittman Inc. Many of you visiting this site for the first time probably learned of it through word of mouth through an email, a friend or family member, a community website, or even myself personally. Regardless of how you found Minority Speak your support and time spent here are greatly appreciated. It is our intent that you will visit often for great information, inspiration, and even as a contributor towards making this a great online publication for yourself and others.
The Minority Speak concept is one that was actually born out of frustration a few years or so ago. I was tired of hearing of so much negativity regarding African-Americans/Blacks and other minorities, our cities, our schools, and our life in general. I was fed up with watching people who had simply made a lot money being thrust into the media spotlight as role models regardless of their actual character, morales, or desire to even be considered such. I was even more fed up with the abundance of information focusing on making me feel ashamed to be a minority rather than proud of my people and our contribution to society. I’ve never felt the desire to ignore problems but I learned years ago that focusing on being positive, optimistic, and solution-oriented often times blazes a path towards improving one’s life in a hurry.

It was that frustration that I became determined to tell the stories of so many people that I experience on a daily basis. These are “regular” people who by all means, have achieved a type of success that is respectable, attainable, and truly making a positive impact on hundreds of lives directly and tons more indirectly. I wanted to bring the resources they utilized, the organizations they joined, the avenues they sought success through, the knowledge and lessons learned, and more to the forefront of thought. So hence, Minority Speak was created to facilitate this effort and provide a way to reach back into the lives of others who could benefit from this information.

If you have something positive to say, a resource to share, or any other constructive thought, I welcome you to get involved in Minority Speak and make your voice heard. You can start showing your support by registering for starters. If you’d like to share any kind of positive news or other information big or small involving minorities, feel free to send email to samuel@thepittmaninc.com.

Samuel Pittman

CEO & President of The Pittman Inc. Founder of Minority Speak Magazine @ www.minority-speak.com

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