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What started as story of desperation and hopelessness has transpired into a community changing movement of wealth, prosperity, leadership, and finances. The story of TAG TEAM Marketing details a positive team of Black people operating under a training system that churns out productivity and prosperity once only dreamed of by many Brothers and Sisters. Creating wealth and uniting the Black community, TAG TEAM Marketing has created a powerful business opportunity for its members through the Telecommunications Industry, recycles Black dollars into the Black community, and additionally provides educational empowerment through Black Business Seminars.

The TAG TEAM System, created by self-made Black millionaires Delxino andDebbie Wilson de Briano, allowed them to build a network marketing team of over 200,000 inspired and productive distributors with millions of dollars worth in sales. While this may or may not impress you, you have to realize that when you change 200,000 people’s lives for the better, the number of lives those people in turn change in a positive manner is immeasurable. Delxino says,

“We believe in what were doing. We’re bringing knowledge, ability and inspiration to the Black community. We will create 1000 Black millionaires, more than any company or industry in history.”

Since its inception TAG TEAM Marketing or TTM simply, has evolved into a business entity capable of forging big business relationships that not only generate real dollars, but also generate them in a responsible manner that truly gives back to the Black community. Currently TTM offers Voice-Over-IP Internet phone service, traditional long distance telephone service, High-Speed Internet Access, and Mobile Phone service throughout the United States. Additionally, TTM sponsors several Black Business Seminars throughout the year in which TTM leaders teach the secrets of having a successful Black business. TTM is perfectly positioned to do such considering that it is Black owned and operated. A 10,000 square foot training center and headquarters is being opened in Atlanta, GA to help TTM continue it’s growth well into the future as it’s distributor base expands nationwide. TTM’s prescence is strongest today largely on the east and west coasts.

The vision of TTM is clear and its impact upon people of all walks of life is undeniable. Through the heart and courage of Brothers and Sisters who had a desire to get more out of life by believing in each other and working together, TTM is positively writing a greater history for all of us. TAG TEAM Marketing isn’t just “talking the talk” – their “WALKING THE WALK”!

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